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My name's Nick Di Stefano. I'm a Boston-based designer with work focusing on strategy, interactive and experience design, and art direction.

You can also find me here:
AIGA Boston / Studio 213 / Design Town


I work with you to make things happen. I’m currently available for freelancing or collaborations and interested in any job position that fits my field of competence.

About Me

I'm a Boston-based designer and artist. I draw on my background in art history and fine arts.
My design work focuses on strategy, interactive and experience design, and art direction.
My artwork takes interest in typography, the deconstruction and transformation of spaces, and collaborative works.

I serve on the board of AIGA Boston as VP and Director of Partnership and Community Outreach, and as and co-organizer for Action Design Boston, exploring the intersection of behavioral economics, psychology, and design.

You can find me at the CIC Design Town fab lab where I act as a contributor for fabrication lessons and assistance. I'm also a contributing artist and organizer for Atlantic Works Gallery and Studio 213 in the SoWa Art & Design district.

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